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    Lanier Business Copiers

    Lanier Office Copiers For SaleFounded in 1934, Lanier Worldwide is owned by Ricoh, a Document Management company with a solid reputation for quality. Lanier is based in Atlanta, Georgia and delivers document management solutions to local and national organizations in many industries. Lanier Office Copiers come with a company philosophy that merges product with service. They insist that they design document management solutions based on a deep understanding of each customer’s unique needs and an intense focus on measurable business outcomes. Lanier attempts to understand a company’s perspective by actively soliciting their feedback and using it to drive product development, service plans, and other specialized offerings.

    Lanier Office Copiers For SaleOperating from a basic belief that each company is unique, Lanier delivers its services based on the fact that every customer has a different history, market niche, philosophy, and strategic vision. This is the foundation of Lanier’s use of document workflow assessment methodologies to develop a rich understanding of a customer’s specific needs before recommending a single component of any solution.

    To solve a client’s document reproduction needs, Lanier offers a wide range of products for individual users, small workgroups, larger offices, entire departments, and dedicated high-volume production environments. This includes color and black & white digital multifunction products, digital duplicators, office copiers for sale, business copier rentals, color and black & white network laser printers, facsimile products and wide format products. Lanier also provides specialized document and printing solutions designed to address specific business and workflow challenges.

    Among its array of document solutions are their multi-function products, chief among them, their B&W Multifunction printer.  These digital black-and-white copiers from Lanier deliver excellent image quality at a wide range of speeds for workgroup, departmental or high-volume applications. Flexible, modular designs let you add new capabilities – such as high-speed network printing, faxing or booklet-making at any time.                      

    Lanier Copier RentalsLanier also offers Color Multifunction printers which promise to energize presentations, reports, proposals and other documents with bold, eye-catching color. These high-powered digital copying systems from Lanier deliver exceptional image quality and high-resolution color for exceptional results.

    Another  Lanier specialty product includes their “wide format systems” specifically engineered to copy, print, and scan large documents. They accurately render line widths, shadings, cross hatches, and other symbols on drawings, blueprints, maps, and plans.

    One of Lanier’s products that is especially appealing to non-profits and faith-based organizations is their economical Digital Duplicator. Digital duplicators use master and ink technology instead of toner to handle high-volume jobs with exceptional speed and efficiency at a very low cost per page. They print in black-and-white on a wide range of paper stocks and sizes, and can apply spot color for additional visual impact.

    For comparison purposes, a popular Lanier model worthy of analysis is the Lanier LD35c, a winner of several industry awards, including the BLI Pick of the Year (2011).   As a multi-function machine, it offers complete copying, printing, scanning, and document serving functionality and is        simple to use to maximum productivity while minimizing operator training. Completed documents are ready for distribution through integrated finishing options including stapling, booklet finishing, hole punching, six position fold and ring-binding.      

    Lanier Copier RentalsThe Lanier LD35c has advanced security features, like Windows Authentication and User Code programming to prevent unauthorized access as well as providing cost control. It features high-speed throughput of 60 ppm for full-color, and 65 ppm for black & white. Document Server Technology ensures online storage and print-on-demand capability and the operator can create two-sided documents without impeding the system performance.

    The Lanier LD35c copier features include:  Scan Once, Print Many for maximum productivity and reliability; walk-up users can access all attached finishing functions for copying; regulate color usage with user codes to manage operation cost; and standard 150-sheet DF for single pass color duplex scanning.

    A popular feature of the LD35c is Lanier’s decision to include as standard several exceptional printer features that are normally optional on other brands.  For example, the graphical-based print driver allows users to program frequently used printing/finishing parameters into one icon to result in effortless and failsafe printing.  Optional Adobe® PostScript 3 and Fiery E-7200 Controller are also available. In addition, 1,536MB RAM (std./max) and 320GB (160GB x 2) of Hard Disk Drive capacity provide ample resources to handle large color files and you can print from the network or from a single workstation with standard Ethernet and USB 2.0.

    Finally, the scanner features of the LD35c are also state-of-the-art, such as scan resolution up to 600 dpi when scanning to e-mail or folder; the ability to create TIFF/JPEG/PDF files from hard-copy and electronically store and/or share; scan-to-Email with LDAP support (no additional software or delivery server needed); scan-to-Folder via SMB and FTP (no additional software or delivery server needed); scanning speed of 125 ipm for Black & White; 115 ipm for Full Color.       

    The Lanier motto, “Driving productivity, protecting profitability” is truly applicable to the LD35c, which serves as the standard for the many other products bearing the Lanier brand.


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