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    Savin business copiersSavin is a familiar name in the Office Copier business, offering a broad line of award winning network-ready digital output systems – including full color and black-and-white digital imaging system, color and black-and-white network laser printers, and fax machines. The Business Technology Association (BTA) honored Savin with two 2005 “Channel’s Choice” awards, via a nationwide poll of office equipment dealers.  Dating back to 1959, Savin focuses on products that improve productivity and efficiency.

    Initially, Savin was known primarily for its line of liquid toner photocopiers, which set it apart from other companies that manufactured dry toner equipment, like Xerox.

    Savin 9000 for saleSavin’s copiers were initially manufactured by Ricoh Company and distributed by Savin in the US and Canada through 50 Branch offices and 500 dealers, and under licenses from Savin to Nashua Corp for Europe and South America and through Ricoh for the Far East.  In 1995, Ricoh Company acquired Savin Corporation, at which time it was made a wholly owned sales subsidiary. Ricoh continues to manufacture Savin copiers.  

    Savin offers the industry’s broadest and most connected line of digital imaging systems, from compact systems that deliver the power to print, copy, scan and fax right from your desktop to departmental digital color systems that enhance communications quality and boost productivity.

    Savin markets a full line of digital office copiers and office equipment including color and black & white digital multifunction products, digital duplicators, color and black & white network laser printers, facsimile products and wide format products.  There are specific models that provide  multifunction options, including built-in PC printing, electronic collation, scanning to email. They also produce high-rated copiers that provide built-in modems, larger capacity paper trays, additional paper trays, and higher production speeds so that businesses can produce documents and reports at a high output level.

    Savin copier rentalsSavin color copiers have one of the best consumer review records in the photocopier market, and has steadily been one of the top choices for businesses who rent office copiers. In fact, the C3030 color machine prints as fast in color as it does in black and white. Having the capability to produce copies in color is a great advantage, as the business can produce pie graphs and other documents in-house that rely on color for maximum impact.  There are also savings on ink costs, since laser toners produce more page outputs than ink cartridges do.

    As with most business-class copiers, brand new Savin copy machines retail from between $5,000 to $40,000. For those companies  struggling to add that expense to their operating budgets, leasing is a viable option when it comes to these specific Savin machines. These copiers are in good to very good condition, and the leases enable companies to pay considerably less to have these productive machines in their offices. In fact, leasing may only cost between $800 to $3,600, – a fraction of what it would cost to purchase them. 

    As an example of Savin’s commitment to serving the industry with state-of-the-art equipment, they recently introduced the 9025b/9025 and 9033b/9033 Digital Imaging Systems. Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, the 9025 and 9033 models have color scanning capabilities that produce clear images, store documents securely and raise productivity and efficiency.

    These models come standard with monochrome printing, copying and color scanning capabilities out of the box in two pre-configured models – the sp and spf (the spf includes faxing capabilities).

    The 9025b and 9033b come equipped with copying capabilities and have a flexible upgrade path which includes monochrome printing, scanning and faxing allowing features to be added as users’ document management needs develop and evolve over time.

    The 9025b/9025 and 9033b/9033 increases an organization’s productivity with a print speed of 25 pages per minute (ppm) and 33 ppm, respectively. Designed to make crisp and professional-looking documents, the 9025 and 9033 models offer a 1,000-sheet booklet finisher and optional hole-punching. In addition, these models include special design features to enhance ease-of-use, including a simplified color display, easy-access paper tray handles and animated menu guidance.

    Savin C400 For SaleSecurity plays a central role in many of today’s leading industries, especially as compliance regulations continue to increase. With the 9025b/9025 and 9033b/9033, administrators can control access to the system to only the authorized users with Windows/LDAP/Kerberos Authentication. An additional security function is the Locked Print feature that allows users to keep confidential documents from being seen or accidentally picked up in the output tray by unauthorized parties. Customers can also use the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) to prevent the possibility of reconstructing data from “latent images” on the internal hard drive.

    The 9025b/9025 and 9033b/9033 models can store up to 3,000 frequently useddocuments in its Document Server, where they can be instantly accessed for reprinting, re-faxing or re-scanning to increase user’s overall productivity. Furthermore, customers can prioritize job lists by automatically moving the most critical jobs to the head of the print queue to ensure they are finished first. In addition, the 9025 and 9033 models contain full-color thumbnails on the control panel so users can preview images to confirm that scanned documents are captured correctly prior to distribution.

    Savin’s expertise and consultative skills in digital technology are in greater demand than ever…helping customers create document output solutions in today’s fast paced and quality conscious workplace.


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