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    Sharp Business CopiersSharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products. That simple description really doesn’t do the company justice, mainly because of its many inventions and innovations that actually impacted the way our society has developed over the last 100 years. From a simple beginning as inventor and manufacturer in 1915 of the “Ever-Sharp” mechanical pencil (from which the company gets its name), to the multi-function copy machines Sharp manufactures today, the company boasts of dozens of transformational “firsts.” The company is so-well known for its other inventions that copiers are not even specifically mentioned the Sharp’s list of Products on Wikipedia. The products listed are: Televisions, audio visual, communication equipment, home appliances, information equipment, ICs, solar cells, mobile phones, electronic components, calculators, notebooks.

    used sharp office copierSharp’s literature makes it clear that it is a company with a mission much broader than to make a profit or serve an industry. As a manufacturer, Sharp contributes to society by being the first to make unique products that meet the new needs of each decade. Successive generations of Sharp leaders have, in their own way, pursued this concept by making products that contribute to society, and in the process creating a corporation known and trusted around the globe. The company’s founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, coined a phrase that embodies the management concept at Sharp: “Make products that others want to imitate.” Because of its early and ongoing successes, Company management has operated under the business philosophy that the company actually has possessed a “gene of creativity” since its foundation. Under that mandate, Sharp plans to continue to offer one-of-a-kind products and new lifestyles as part of its mission to society.

    At its half-life, In 1962, Sharp expanded outside of Japan and established Sharp Electronics Corporation in the United States—the company’s first overseas sales base—and in 1979 it set up the Sharp Manufacturing Company of America to create a manufacturing base in the U.S. and by 1995 established its U.S.-based research and development laboratory designed to take advantage of American ingenuity and research.

    Sharp Copier DealersSharp is a pioneer and innovator in the field of multi-functional devices (MFD) having won many awards from BLI and BERTL – the two major authorities providing competitive intelligence and test reviews in the print industry. SHARP’s latest products – MX2600N and MX3100N have once again broken new ground with the launch of version 3 Open System Archetecture (OSA3). This feature enhances productivity further still by letting third party developers directly integrate their business applications with multi-functional devices.

    A Sharp MFP, or multi-function, printer has both print and copy capabilities. These are the best office copiers for businesses who want the very best print and copy capabilities for their employees. Being consumer-oriented, Sharp provides guidelines to potential clients before they make a purchase, urging them to consider the needs of their business, including the number of copies made daily and the types of copies most often needed. This helps to ensure the selection of the right machine without spending money on unnecessary features.

    One of the most important things to consider when selecting a Sharp MFP is its intended placement in the work environment.  Sharp MFPs come in a variety of sizes, from small desktop models, such as the MX-B201D, to large, freestanding units that require a lot of floor space, such as the MX-M850. With limited office real estate, this consideration is essential when selecting any office machine. Although heavy-duty Sharp MFPs are often large, some smaller units may meet high-volume needs. For example, the Sharp MX-M310 provides a print speed of 31 pages per minute, and can sit on a desk. The MX-C402SC is another example of a compact, freestanding unit.

    Sharp Copier LeasesAnother important consideration when selecting a Sharp MFP device is the daily number of copies anticipated to be produced. Sharp models can create copies at speeds of 20 to 120 pages per minute. If the need is to make numerous copies each day, then a high-volume machine accomplishes this at a faster speed; however, if only a few copies are made, then a slower machine will suffice. As this is written, the fastest Sharp machine, the MX-M1204, prints 120 pages per minute.

    Before selecting a Sharp MFP, determine the functionality needed in addition to copying. Although all Sharp copiers provide copy, print and scan capabilities, most are monochrome, so if color copies are a possibility, select a model that supports color. The smallest Sharp model that prints in color is the MX-2310U; the fastest are the MX-7001N and the MX-7040N, at 70 pages per minute. In addition, consider the paper size of the copies to be made.  For example, all models support traditional letter and legal paper; however, only certain models support other paper sizes, such as 11 by 17 inches. Another feature to consider is an Ethernet port that allows connecting the device to a network.

    Many Sharp models offer the ability to add finishing options, such as a hole-punch and a stapler. These options are available for numerous Sharp models, from low-volume units to high-volume workhorses. However, finishers cannot be added to any of the desktop Sharp models. Finishing options are not encouraged unless they will be used regularly.

    The MX-M700 70 is one of Sharp’s popular models.  It is a 70-ppm digital MFP with standard 3,100 sheet paper capacity and a 150 sheet duplexing single pass feeder. MX-M700 offers best-in-class features that accomplish more in dramatically less time. With powerful scan, copy, print and fax capabilities, these multi-faceted performers serve as the heart of a workgroup.

    Sharp’s latest catalog offers 69 document solution products.   In order to put businesses of all sizes on the fast track to efficiency, Sharp has developed an extensive lineup of innovative document systems that streamline workflow, reduce operating costs and provide various kinds of business support.


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