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    Kyocera Business Copiers

    Kyocera Business CopiersKyocera Document Solutions Inc. marked its 50th anniversary in 2009 and is one of the world´s leading office document solutions companies. Founded in 1959 in Kyoto, Japan, as Kyoto Ceramic Co., the company evolved into Kyocera, a world-class photocopying giant when it acquired Mita Industrial company in 2000. Mita was an established photocopier manufacturer.  In 2003 it further established its reputation through its alliance with TA Triumph-Adler AG, a leading office information equipment distributor in Germany and throughout Europe.

    Used Kyocera Business CopierIn 2002, 2003 and 2005, the prestigious Industry Analysts’ Copier Dealer Reliability Survey named Kyocera Mita the most reliable copiers and multifunctional printers in the industry. The survey asked respondents to rate a company brand according to categories such as Parts Reliability, Product Reliability When First Introduced, Ongoing Reliability and Product Service Profitability.

    Today, Kyocera Mita is a frontrunner in networked document management systems. The company carries products that offer the complete solution to print, scan, copy, and fax requirements. Kyocera manufactures and sells color and monochrome printers, wide format systems, multifunctional products, and other parts and supplies. Kyocera’s products are advanced, reliable, environmentally friendly, and economical.   The company continues to win industry awards in a variety of categories.

    Kyocera Copier RentalsKyocera has focused on building a sound framework to ensure that the needs of customers can be comprehensively addressed. With this foundation Kyocera has shown that it can meet the needs of businesses from small and medium sized companies to multi-national corporations. The Kyocera Managed Document Services (MDS)  model is a five step approach:  Asses, Design, Implement, Manage and Optimize. In addition, these phases offer the customer individual support at every stage.

    As one of the world´s leading office document solutions companies, Kyocera’s range of products and services includes reliable multi-function printers, high-quality consumables, a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and Managed Document Services (MDS). Kyocera Document Solutions provides innovative products built on a foundation of long-life components.

    As proof of Kyocera’s high quality products, in the resell market, Kyocera 3035, 4035 and 5035 black and white models are the hottest printers being sought by buyers – the least obtainable used photocopiers to obtain by dealers.  Why are Kyocera so good? Because they are very clean operating, extremely reliable and have a very long duty cycle (the time between replacing the copier printer scanner maintenance kits).

    Used Kyocera Office CopiersKyocera offers a very wide variety of printers.  Among their color printer offerings are 14 models with a range of duty cycles between 30,000 pages to as high as 500,000 pages.  They offer 11 popular black and white models and at least a dozen MFP (multi-function printer) models with a wide variety of paper capacities, monthly print volumes and monthly page intervals between machine maintenance.

    The Kyocera business copier model employing the latest technology, the FS-C8500DN, offers 55PPM black and 50PPM color printing with an array of paper and finishing options. Using Kyocera’s Micro-Particle toner for superior image quality, standard 1GB of Printer memory and a standard 160GB Hard Disk Drive, an owner’s print productivity will be at an all-time high. The class-leading 300,000 page maintenance interval and 225,000-page maximum monthly printing volume offers the capability to meet high volume tasks when needed.

    Based on interviews with independent dealers over the past three years (these are the non-factory authorized dealers, ensuring less biased results), certain Kyocera models are considered the best of all office copiers available. Kyocera has an enviable record of reliability with service technicians.

    Considering current industry trends, the contemporary Photocopier buyer has an advantage  Because digital photocopiers are a particularly strong growth segment within the industry, the top fifteen producers are jockeying for their portion of the market by offering incentives.  Also, with the growing trend of companies centralizing all faxing, copying, scanning and printing needs through one device, the multi-functional printer is taking on a new popularity. 

    There is also a growing trend towards leasing vs. purchasing, as businesses cut costs to deal with the economic downturn.  This may also be a good time to buy used color photocopiers as some companies encourage their employees to rely on less expensive black and white copying  when color isn’t essential. Companies finding the absolute need for color may find this a good time to buy a used color copier.

    Turning to Kyocera as the photocopier supplier of choice is an option to be considered based on the high regard in which they are held within the industry.  Their excellent reputation for durability, very clean operating and low maintenance is reason enough to check them out in the quest for quality office equipment.


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