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    Gestetner Office Copiers

    Office Copiers for SaleIn the ever changing world of document management products, the various manufacturers are predictably  possessive of brand loyalty.   As mergers take place, it is only natural that as the newly formed companies chart their futures, they assess what they should hold onto and what they should let go of from the component companies that are merging.  This can be confusing for the consumer.  This is especially true of the merging of the Gestetner brand (which had already bonded with Savin) with former Lanier branded products for Ricoh US.  It is natural to assume that the consumer will benefit from the best of each of the brands in the merger, regardless of the name.  The converse is also true – it can be assumed that whatever negatives were associated with the stand-alone component companies will be diminished because of the absorption of the best qualities of each in the emerging entity.  So it is with Gestetner Office Copiers.

    used office copier for saleThe Gestetner name is highly respected in the industry.  David Gestetner is recognized and highly regarded as the pioneer of the industry.  He was the inventor of the Gestetner stencil duplicator.  It was the first piece of office equipment that allowed the production of numerous copies of documents quickly and inexpensively.  He was awarded the prestigious John Scott Medal of the Franklin Institute in 1888. Some consider Gestetner’s invention of the stencil duplicator as a predecessor of the Internet, because it provided the means to produce uncensored and uncontrolled ideas and distribute them in public places. Today, a visit to the Gestetner website will bring you to a masthead that reads “Organizing Knowledge, Transactions and Interactions” – a plausible description of the Internet!

    Gestetner was honored a few years ago with an industry award for its creativity in “branding” through a very successful image-building video commercial. Because “Gestetner” wasn’t a household name, the idea behind the TV commercial was to demonstrate Gestetner’s capabilities in an engaging way that would capture viewers’ attention.  The fact that it won the prestigious “Telly” award is a testimony to its success. The TV commercial, focuses on the product as hero and captures the attitude and confidence of the Gestetner brand. Employing lively music and a rich voice track, the visual of the Gestetner system “in action” provided viewers a virtual sense of its look, feel, and exceptional capabilities. The fast-paced spot, which brought  the power of the Gestetner system to life with 36 degree shots of the machine, was comparable  to automobile advertising.

    Gestetner’s broad line of award winning multi-function and network-ready digital output systems includes full color and black-and-white digital imaging systems, color and black-and-white network laser printers, and fax machines.   Their outstanding product line delivers document output solutions and business copier rentals for businesses of all sizes.  A nationwide network of dealers markets Gestetner document management systems. Gestetner is a brand of West Caldwell, NJ-based Ricoh Corporation.

    refurbished business copier

    One of the marketing themes of the company is “Gestetner Gets It Done”  – a message that works throughout the company  – with customers and employees alike.   Because almost all of its competitors offer similar products from a technical perspective – as evidenced also by the fact that as a Richo International Company which simultaneously markets Savin and Lanier machinery, Gestetner’s competitive edge comes from its seniority and  excellent reputation  within the industry, and its emphasis on customer services and support of knowledge management.  Their company credo stresses their underlying belief that the environment, life and work are indivisible and that one cannot be considered without also respecting the others.   The company invests up to six percent of their annual revenue in research and development each year, focusing on technologies that support future work styles, and make it easier for businesses to access and share information.

    Best Office CopiersOne broad niche market on which Gestetner  focuses and in which it flourishes is educational institutions, religious, corporate, and non-profit organizations, helping them develop better, cost-effective ways to produce and distribute their communications.  Gestetner’s success as a provider of document management systems stems from the company’s focus on complete customer satisfaction.

    As a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and document and information management, Gestetner helps businesses be more productive and profitable.  Over recent years and through a series of strategic acquisitions, they are a service-oriented company, providing solutions through their expertise in their four core capabilities: Managed Document Services, Production Printing, Office Solutions and IT Services.   Most importantly, Gestetner possesses the global reach to support their customers in achieving their business goals.


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